The End of the Line is an independently-made documentary. This means that it was made without the help of big broadcasters or big studios.

It was financed by private individuals and foundations. It is a not-for-profit venture. This means we were able to make a powerful, campaigning film.

But it also means that with the film, our work has only started, but our money has run out. We need now to create massive public awareness about the film – all over the world.

We need to take it into schools, communities and the centres of political power. We need to get it on television across the world and fill cinemas in every town and city we can.

We need to keep this website up to date and make it a tool to promote the film and what it stands for.

We need to reach every person who is interested in this issue, to make sure they see the film, make their friends see the film and then stir people into action.

We know this will cost money. We need your financial support to do this.

If you would like to help us in this work, please donate some money now – big or small, all donations will help save the world's oceans and re-establish the world's fish stocks.

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