The End of the Line focuses spotlight on celebrity reaction to bluefin tuna on Nobu menu

This week has seen a dramatic increase in the coverage for The End of the Line and related fishing issues in the run up to the World Ocean Day Screenings.

Many of the national daily papers have covered the film or the Nobu decision to continue selling bluefin tuna - a subject brought into the spotlight by The End of the Line campaign and Greenpeace.

In an extensive comment piece for The Independent, Johann Hari, asks whether we will be the generation that runs out of fish.

He writes: “In the babbling Babel of 24/7 news . . . the slow-motion stories that will define our age are often lost. An extraordinary documentary released next week, The End of the Line, forces us to stop, and see.”

The Telegraph reports that Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Jemima Khan, Woody Harrelson, Laura Bailey, Alicia Silverstone, Zac Goldsmith, Sting and his wife Trudie Styler have jointly written to Nobu asking him to remove bluefin tuna from the restaurant’s menus, so they can “dine with a clear conscience”.

The Sun also carries the story saying: “Sienna Miller blasted a top London restaurant for putting endangered bluefin tuna on its menu.”

While the Daily Mail follows the story, headlined: “A-listers threaten boycott of celebrity restaurant Nobu unless it stops serving endangered fish”.

Other publications have featured the Nobu story, including The Independent, and Hello! Magazine

Earlier in the week there were a number of positive reviews for The End of the Line. The BBC’s concluded: “Watching The End of the Line, it is clear that consumer power may be central to hopes of stopping the decline in global fish stocks.”

The Times said that the “film lays bare the systematic devastation of the oceans“. Frank Pope, the paper’s Oceans Correspondent, wrote: “This documentary lifts the lid on what overfishing is doing to our seas . . . . the impact of The End of the Line seems destined to mark a seminal change in how we think of fishing and the oceans.”

George Monbiot’s column for the Comment section of the Guardian on Monday dealt with scallop dredging in Cardigan Bay, a story that has been rumbling on for some time that The End of the Line website reported in May (Row over scallop-dredging in Cardigan Bay, Wales escalates).

He then went on to discuss The End of of the Line, saying: “It’s an excoriating, ­shocking film about the collapse of global ­fisheries, and the utter uselessness of the people who are ­supposed to protect them.

“It ­follows the ­journalist Charles Clover as he struggles to ­understand why no one is prepared to act.”

Popular environment site Treehugger added their support with a piece on the film. “First shown at the Sundance Film Festival, with any luck it could do for fishing what ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ did for global warming . . . . The film tells a complicated story in a straight forward and compelling way.

“Some of the images are stunning and others are frightening, as we see huge super trawler ‘inhaling’ fish.”

Do the Green Thing included fish on their list of things to ‘Go Easy’ on, along with meat and bottled water.

On their blog James said: “The campaign is just good common sense - something that seems all too rare these days … The End of the Line is not against fishing. It is not against eating fish. But it is for a responsible attitude towards the oceans.”

Quintessentially, a private members’ club with a 24-hour global concierge service, featured The End of the Line as one of their ‘top picks’ for this week and included details of the World Oceans Day screenings.


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