Aidan Brown’s bike lock Nobu protest in pictures and video

You may have seen the news from Wednesday when activist Aidan Brown staged a protest outside Nobu.

This video has been posted on video sharing site YouTube by Don’t Panic Media, that shows how events unfolded.

The restaurant chain is part owned by Robert De Niro and still serves bluefin tuna, although it has added a note to its menu stating that the fish is endangered.
Aidan Brown protests outside Nobu restaurant

The End of the Line has acquired some pictures of the one-man demonstration.

Dressed as a fisherman, Aidan used a bicycle lock to prevent customers entering the restaurant in Park Lane, London.
Aidan Brown puts signs up outside Nobu saying 'Gone Fishin'

He also put up a sign that read ‘Gone fishin” and another that said ‘For bluefin tuna’.
Nobu staff member talking to Aidan Brown outside the restaurant
He prevented diners from getting inside for over an hour.
Aidan Brown outside Nobu, in Park Lane, London

The protest, that was reported in the London Evening Standard, came to an end when the lock was finally removed by staff.


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