Countdown to Sundance

We finished the film with a gnat’s breath between us and oblivion and it winged its way to Utah at the end of last week. Now the realisation that we have to spend nearly two weeks sharing a house - we being myself, the other producer, George, Charles, Rupert and Christo (one of our executive producers).

I think it’s fair to say we are all strong- minded, opinionated, bolshie extroverts with shared passions - saving the oceans and good wine. How this will unfold over the course of the festival who knows.  Read this blog.

Sundance for me has been a lifelong ambition.  As a TV and film producer I have always wanted to get a film into competition and to achieve it with this film is exciting, gratifying and makes all the headaches of production worthwhile.

Only Charles and I are experiencing this for the first time.  Rupert has been here with Unknown White Male, Christo with Black Gold and George is a veteran Sundance attendee. Will we see Robert Redford? How many A-list celebs can we spot ? Will they be eating sushi? Not after seeing our film, we hope.

In this blog I will give you the first-timer’s impression of a small town that once a year sees this huge influx of the titans of the film industry and the rest of us.

Our world premiere is on Monday Jan 19 and we get 5 screenings - 4 in Park City or Sundance itself and a 5th in Salt Lake City.

First we have to get there.


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