Many things…

We need posters, leaflets, business cards, DVD’s of the film, hats, badges, jackets all with our distinctive logo. Jenny our researcher and assistant has been working full time on the logistics of getting the entire team out to this frozen bit of Utah.

The press kits are ready,  we have a house to stay in courtesy of the forward thinking of George the other producer, we have our flights booked but the most pressing thing is to try and get our website which is under construction, up and running by Thursday Jan 15. Conference calls, moving offices (again).

How are we going to carry all this stuff onto the plane? Jenny? How do we get to the airport - Jenny? And so it goes on. Rupert has to cut 15 short videos for YouTube and virals. I have to liaise with Luke who is building our website.

Charles has to gather enough copy and photos so we can get the website up on Thursday. George is talking daily to our American colleagues, sales agent, publicity guy.

Christo is keeping us grounded while holding the fabric of the admin and paperwork together. He is the efficient one.


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