News and blogs round up for The End of the Line

There have been many articles and reviews featuring The End of the Line this week following the film’s release in the United States on 19th June.

Entertainment Weekly’s review of the film says: “Fishermen are no longer simply ”fishing.” They’re subjecting threatened species to the equivalent of carpet bombing, and this passionate ecological documentary, The End of the Line, spells out the problem in clear, urgent, prosaic terms.”

Twilight Greenaway, writing for The Ethicurean, suggests that the film missed one point that would help sustain life in the oceans - eating less fish. She went on to say: “Since seeing the film, the possibility of thriving oceans once again full of wild fish of all colours and sizes seems ever more compelling.

“With that image in my mind, giving up most seafood — seeing it as a rare treat, as Mark Bittman wrote recently in the New York Times — until then doesn’t felt like much of a sacrifice.”

The Fussy Duck food blog has already posted about why consumers should choose sustainable seafood. Having seen the film they said: “All fish lovers, please do not miss this documentary. If you like seafood, you should also be responsible and know how and to what price it ends on your table.”

Greenpeace USA carry an excellent post on the film by Casson Trenor. He says: “Fish [are] . . . living organisms with which humans have a delicate and complex relationship. This relationship is being abused to a terrifying extreme.

“Factory trawlers, dynamite fishers, bluefin tuna pirates, absurdly greedy corporations (et tu, Mitsubishi?) and corrupt politicians have stretched the ability of our oceans to nurture healthy fish populations to the breaking point.

“I beseech all those who read this message to make a point of seeing The End of the Line as soon as possible. ”

PDX Green is the environment blog by The Oregonian’s Carrie Sturrock. She writes: “There seems to be a fish freakout these days. Mercury levels. Farmed salmon dyed to look pink.

“But have you heard much about overfishing in the world’s oceans? Not to add another worry to the fish fretting, but the new film “The End of the Line” narrated by Ted Danson is a fascinating and alarming examination of that phenomena.”

On his blog Urban Food Guy offers his take on the film and his attitude to seafood: “Eat it while you can? I eat it rarely and source it with fanaticism on the special occasions I choose to serve it.

“My thinking on it for now is eat very little, only eat fish that are certified sustainable and buy local fish from local fisherman.”

“Weird how the standard thinking on eating seafood has always been: “You should eat more it’s healthy for you!” Sadly as this movie points out it’s not so healthy for the fish.”

Film site Cinefundas also has a very positive review of the film. It says: “The End of the Line is an apocalyptic documentary that is as beautiful as it is damning.

“The latest in a series of alarmist films that clue us in to an environmental crisis we’d prefer to ignore, ‘The End of the Line’ benefits from its supremely photogenic subject matter.”


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