News and reviews round-up for The End of the Line

All of the news on The End of the Line for the past week has been from outside the UK, coming from far afield as Australia and Japan.

Writing for the Food Detective column in The Australian, Michelle Rowe says: “A harrowing new documentary predicting the demise of seafood by 2048, and the imminent extinction of the endangered southern bluefin tuna, has seen international celebrities rally to protect the world’s fish supplies.”

Japanese blog Choices for Tomorrow, carries an article in both English and Japanese in their Changes around the world section. They will also be running an interview with Claire Lewis, Producer of The End of the Line, in the next issue.

The Philadelphia Examiner reports on Ted Danson’s support of the film. Debbie Jordan writes: “Watch the videos; check to see if there will be a screening of the film, “The End of the Line,” in your area; if not, ask your local theatres to get the film and show it; and check the website of for more information on how you can help save the fish, the planet, and the human race.”

While The Philadelphia Weekly’s review, by Matt Prigge, praises the look and feel of the film and he awards it a B-. “Director Rupert Murray (Unknown White Male) also did the lensing duties, and his film is a good deal more handsome and visually striking than your average doc.

“At times The End of the Line feels less like a documentary than a conspiracy thriller, which in a way it is . . . . the film smartly diagnoses the chief problems as overfishing and cheerful law-breaking.”

Nashville Scene blog also has a review of the film, which is running as part of the Belcourt Theatre’s Food on Film series. Carrington Fox says: “Murray lays out a chilling argument that seafood could be a thing of the past as early as 2048.

“As moviemaking, The End of the Line is Discovery Channel standard-issue bolstered by fine undersea footage - but its message of impending crisis will leave its hooks in you.”

The Passionate Foodie carries a very positive review of the film, which says: “You may not realise which fish are in danger and could thus be unwittingly contributing to their demise. More knowledge about this issue should be spread.

“To help disseminate the word, a new independent documentary, The End of The Line, has recently been released, explaining the dire problem of overfishing.”


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  1. 1 Beth Hogg

    The film was surprisingly gripping; I was shocked at the severity of the problem as it has not really been made publicly aware until now. It is very informative, proving the information about the MSC and the specific species of fish that are under threat from the trade. The size of the endangered Blue Fin Tuna was amazing, it showed how they were captured into nets and brutally killed, It was horrible. I didn’t really realise the size of the industry until now, you can see from the film how the oceans have been dramatically over fished. It is so important to save the fish and hopefully this film will get around the world for everyone to see and realise the huge problem the world is facing.

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